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  • January 24, 2000 - The "Secret" to Getting Huge Revealed; Growth Hormone Vaccines; Micronized Water-Based Steroids; The Ultimate Precontest Stack for a Competitive Bodybuilder; How to Kick My Nubain Addiction; How Do I Use Synthol?
  • November 22, 1999 - Plasma Expanders and Osmotic Diuretics; DMSO as a Transdermal Carrier; Serostim and Bateriostatic Water; Antibiotics and Muscle Growth; Scar Tissue and Active Release
  • August 30, 1999 - Enemas for Bodybuilders; Removing Estrogen from Synovex; Detoxifying Your Liver and Kidneys; Massive Gains with Massive Dosages; Nubain; High Protein / High Fat and Thyroid
  • June 28, 1999 - Nolvadex for Female Bodybuilders; GH on CKD versus High Carbs; Intravenous Growth Hormone; Cure for Stretch Marks; Ultra-Dry "Look"; Diuretics and Potassium; Torn Tricep and IGF; Winstrol-V versus Winstrol Depot
  • May 17, 1999 - Pre-Mixed GH from Genetech; Diabetes and Insulin Manipulation; Anabolics During ‘Cutting Phase’; Fat Loss Solutions for Endomorphs; Preventing Gynecomastia; Growth Hormone and IGF Questions; Real and Fake Nutropin AQ
  • March 15, 1999 - How many steroids do pros really take?; Dislocated Hip and Squats; Hair Loss; Insulin Growth Factor; Protropin versus Humatrope; Extreme Bodybuilding and Health; IGF-1 and Refrigeration; Insulin & GH and Diabetes; Substituting Albuterol for Clenbuterol;
  • February 15, 1999 - Maximizing Effects of GH with Insulin and Cytomel; High Dose AAS and Natural Testosterone Production; Kynoselen and Fat Loss; Diuretics and Water Loss; Bovine Growth Hormone; Using Synthol; Depression, Anxiety, and Steroids; Cytomel and Fat Loss; Testosterone, Winstrol, Clenbuterol, and Saw Palmetto
  • January 15, 1999 - Steroids and Acne; DNP and Pro Bodybuilders; Teslac and Arimidex; No Orals or Veterinarian Steroids; Ephedrine versus Clenbuterol; Synthol versus MCT Oil; Growth Hormone and Insulin; Timing of IGF-1; Low Testosterone Levels; Safe Steroids; Bulking Cycle, GH, and Cytomel
  • December 15, 1998 - Growth Hormone and Insulin Resistance; Humalog Insulin; Weekly Amount of Exogenous Testosterone; Best Anti-Estrogens; Dangers of Anadrol; Recombinant IGF-1

Dayn Perry

Bill Roberts

  • An Integrated Drug, Training, and Nutrition Program
  • The 2-On, 4-Off Cycle - A Case Study
  • Anabolic Steroid Cycle Planning
  • Anabolic Steroid Esters
  • Anabolic Steroid Profiles
  • Androgen Receptor Regulation
  • Anti-Estrogens and Anabolic Steroids
  • Class I and Class II Androgens - Classification System Corresponding to Synergistic Effect
  • Differences Between the Antiestrogens, Anti-aromatases versus Estrogen Antagonists and Practical Use of Cytadren and Clomid
  • Enzymatic Conversions and Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids
  • The History and Present Status of The Drug Development of Anabolic / Androgenic Steroids
  • Introduction to Anabolic Steroids
  • Inhibition and Recovery of Natural Testosterone Production
  • MAG-10: A New Orally Effective Androgen
  • None So Blind: The JAMA Study On Androstenedione
  • Pharmacological Differences Between Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids
  • Prohormones of Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids (AAS)
  • Steroid Profiles
  • Sustanon Steroid Profile
  • World Anabolic Review Revisited
  • # 1 - Differences Between the Antiestrogens; Anti-aromatases versus Estrogen Antagonists; Practical Use of Cytadren and Clomid
  • # 2 - Clomid and HCG to Restore Natural Testosterone Levels;   Propecia & Proscar to Minimize DHT; Testosterone as Hormone Replacement Therapy; Rating Popular the Popular Supplements - Androdiol, 5AD, Norandrostene, and Chrysin; Training with Rotator Cuff Injuries; Creatine and Glutamine Supplementation.
  • # 3 - Brain Effects of Oxandrolone and Methenolone; Use of hCG and Clomid Without Steroids; Best Steroid for Gaining Muscle & Getting Cut; Basic Nutrition Plan; Recommended Dosage of Primobolan; Nolvadex and Cytadren as Anti-Estrogens; Norandro and Drug Tests; Best Prohormone Stack; Androstene and Older Men; Pro-hGH and Creatine
  • # 4 - Clomid Receptors; Expiration Date for Steroids; Anti-estrogens While on Deca; Clomid Throughout the Cycle; Side Effects of Anadrol®; Dosages for Clenbuterol and Dianabol; Overtraining; Results for First Cycle; ACE Inhibitors for Fat Loss; Oral Consumption of Cattle Implants; Nolvadex Throughout the Cycle; Zone Diet and Eicosanoids; Steroids for Seniors; Prohormones and Hair Loss
  • # 5 - ACE Inhibitors During a Steroid Cycle; Clomid and Estrogenic Activity; Making Testosterone from Androstenedione; Examples of Shorter Steroid Cycles; Ripped Fuel with Andro Fuel; Testosterone Undecanoate; Saw Palmetto and DHT; How Much Deca?; Elevated Estrogen and Depression; Powerlifting and Steroids; Steroid Comparisons; Condoning the Use of Anabolic Steroids?; What is Proviron?; Steroids, Increased Hematocrit, and Competitive Cycling; Stacking Deca; Androdiol on an Empty Stomach?; Russian Dianabol; Drug Tests and Androstenedione; Efficacy of Homeopathic Preparations; Steroids and College Football; Androstenedione and Puberty; Proscar, Hair Loss, and Steroids; Anabolic Diet and Anabolic Steroids
  • # 6 - Testosterone Half Lives; Looking Like an Underwear Model; Comparing Equipoise, Winstrol & Deca; AAS and Cholesterol Levels; Andro-6 Sucks; Does AndrosteDERM work?; Stacking Dianabol and Deca; Needle Size for AAS; Using Low Amounts of Dianabol; Gaining Mass with Testosterone & Deca; How to Use Winstrol; Arimidex while on Trenbolone & Sustanon; Two Week Cycles & Short-Acting Esters; Primobolan Depot; Norandrodiol and Saw Palmetto; Pyramiding Dosages; Training Chest Muscles; Finasteride and Hair Loss; Physique Transformation in 8 weeks; AAS Cycles to Maximize Muscle Retention; More on the Short Cycle Theory; Shorter AAS Cycles; Deca for Fat Loss; Norandrodiol vs. Deca; Breast Cancer, Arimidex. Nolvadex, & Raloxifene; Primobolan and Liver Damage; Strength Gains without Mass
  • # 7 - Clenbuterol, Ephedrine, and Insulin; Light Cyle Avoiding Hairloss; Using Steroids for Improving Strength/Weight Ratio; Blue Nitro, GBL, GHB, and Proviron; An Impressive Steroid Collection, and a Cycle Question; Using Steroids to Get the Model Look; Arnold, Hair, and Acne; Steroid Use and Erections; Mood and AAS; Laurabolin vs. Primobolan; Insulin; Permanency of Gains from 2 on / 4 off Cycle; Creatine; Propecia, DHT, Testosterone, Viagra, and Sex Drive; Why Trenbolone Acetate in Recent Article?; AAS and Fat Loss
  • # 8 - DHT, the scalp, and Propecia, Training volume and AAS, Prohormones and 2 on / 4 off ?, Deca and Primobolan, Cholesterol and testosterone, Oral-only cycle?, Two Weeks On / Four Off, Cycling ECA and creatine?, Loss of libido from steroid use, Overweight condition and steroid use, Fluticasone, Synovex-H and estrogen, Clearing the system in time for blood tests, Repetitions needed to gain mass, Winstrol and Hair loss, Why Clomid in all 4 off weeks?, Ornithine missing from protein powder, Sublingual deca?, Divide dose of Dianabol, or take all at once?, Martial arts and AAS, DHT receptors, Why 2 on / 4 off?, Safety of Clomid?, TA vs. Dianabol, Complicated multidrug mixes, Steroids and fertility
  • # 9 - Is 2 On, 4 Off Best?; Sustanon Cycle; Insulin; Andro and the Bench Press; GHB and Drug Tests; Sustanon and Short Cycles?; Anti-estrogens; Difficulty with Fat Loss; Osteoporosis; Orals-only 2 on, 4 off?; Where to buy steroids?; Stacking Questions; Glycemic Index Concerns; Are Androgens the Same?; Winstrol and Women; Bovine Growth Hormone; Hepatitis and Deca?; GH and Winstrol; Androdiol Injection?; Synthesis of Steroids from DHEA?; Ephedrine and Clenbuterol; Prohormones and Psoriasis; Clomid for Older Men; Another Oral-Only Cycle; Increasing Arm Size and Overall Strength; Hormone Replacement Therapy; Looking For a Better Cycle; Dianabol and 5AR'; Clomid; Andro 6; Women and Steroids; Oxandrolone and Gyno?; High Fat, Low Carb for Competing Bodybuilder; Jim's Experiment; Testosterone and Drug Tests; Variation on Short Cycle Plan; Primobolan/Anavar Cycle; Three Weeks On, One Week Off?; Cheaper Version of Jim’s Cycle
  • # 10 - Timing of Orals; Steady Levels vs. Peaks; Winstrol vs. Anadrol® Controversy (from Nelson Montana); Deca and 2 on / 4 off; Nutritional Plan for Jim’s Experiment; Triacana: A Nutritional Supplement?; HCG Past Expiration Date?; Liquid Androstenedione?; Androstenedione: Muscle Builder or Acne Inducer?; An Objector to Meso-Rx; "Quality" Muscle: Different for Different Steroids?; Gaining 15 lb. with Winstrol Tablets or Primobolan Depot; What Supplements Do You Use?; When To Take Clomid; Tribulus; Norandrostenedione vs. Norandrostenediol For Men; Why Are Steroids Being Used in "Off" Weeks?
  • # 11 - A Letter from Bruce Kneller on Triacana; Escaping from the HIT Trap; A Not-So-Good Cycle; Androdiol: Length of Time in System?; Winstrol Depot and Drug Tests; Protein; PGF-2; Evaluation of Cycle; Sustanon and Dianabol?; Anadrol® Question; Cypionate Cycle Question; Norandrodiol; 5a -Reductase Inhibition; Clomid and Bone; GHB; Which Two of the Three: Primo, Deca, and Dianabol?; Duration of Action of Sustanon, and Finasteride Use; Less t Less than 4 Weeks Off-time on Short Cycles?
  • # 12 - Dianabol-only cycle; Retaining gains after 6-8 week cycle; Propecia, Deca, hair loss, and gyno; Equipoise; Atkins Diet; Cutting up with Winstrol; Converting prohormones to injectables?; Contest prep cycle; Protein before workout; GH and bacteriostatic water; Treatment for infertility: testosterone or Clomid?; Primo Depot and inhibition; Wondering about "methandrostenoloni"; Training split – which is best?; Hormone replacement therapy with testosterone enanthate, or Deca?; Not producing enough, uh . . .; Directions for using Androdiol; Dianabol tablets vs. Reforvit; Homemade injectable prohormones?; Anavar and Primo; Pro bodybuilder AAS use
  • # 13 - Winstrol and Primobolan oral; Mild cycle; Continuous use of Nolvadex or Proviron; Deca and Propecia; Cycle help and clomid; Equipoise and drug tests; Tribulus and a suspected loss of testosterone; Propecia and gyno; Was Bill wrong about Reforvit?; Help for first cycle; Steroids and the penis; HCG and Clomid; Alternate means of delivering injectable steroids?; Dianabol and hair loss; Asymmetrical body parts
  • # 14 - Reforvit Cycle; Deca and Winstrol Cycle; Detecting Norandros in a Drug Test; Antiestrogens for the Older Male; Oral Cycle; Cortisol Problems After Cycle?; Winstrol for the Track; Steroid Basics
  • # 15 - What to stack with Primo?; Oral Winstrol; First cycle with Dianabol; What to stack with Winstrol; Deca and Dianabol; Dianabol dose; Prohormone questions; Anabolics for Mom
  • # 16 - Deca and Acne?; Insulin-Only Cycle?; Women and Tribulus; Cytadren and Gyno?; Male Pattern Baldness, Deca, and Testosterone; Feedback On 2 On / 4 Off Use of Testosterone Enanthate; Interactions of AAS and Corticosteroids; Information Source for Beginning Female Bodybuilder; Anabolic Steroids and Sexual Performance; Improving On a Dianabol Cycle; Dianabol Plus Oxandrolone?; Reference For Clomid Use?; Norandros And Inhibition?; Hair Loss, Propecia, Deca, and Primo; HCG vs. Clomid; Sexual Effects of Norandrostenediol
  • # 17 - Testosterone Undecanoate / Clomid; Steroids and Hair Loss; Half-Life of Parabolan; Blood Pressure Question; Prohormone Cycle; Anabolic Steroids and Fat Distribution; Anabol and Descending Cycles; Is 100 mg Winstrol Worthwhile?; Estrogen and Mood; Winstrol Depot Orally; Safety of Dianabol, and Percent 1 Rep Max
  • # 18 - Questions Regarding 2-On/4-Off; Suppression of Natural Testosterone Production; Zinc Supplementation; Usnic Acid and Dan Duchaine; DHT Derivatives; Selective Gains on Legs

Anthony Roberts

Author L Rea

John Romano

Michael C. Scally, MD

Krista Scott-Dixon, PhD

Joshua Shackman, PhD

Charles Staley

Oliver Starr

Philip Sweitzer, Esq.

J. Kevin Thompson, PhD

Karlis Ullis, MD

Nelson Vergel

Elzi Volk

John Williams, J.D.

James Wright, PhD

Charles Yesalis, PhD

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