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Markus Ruhl - Big and Loving It (DVD)

Markus Ruhl - Big and Loving It (DVD)

“Big and loving it” continues in the cinematic style of “Ruhl Made in Germany” and shows the insanely freaky physique, the great sense of humor as well as the very intimate and emotional moments in the life of IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Markus Rühl. Become a witness, as Markus lives through the heights and depths of the professional bodybuilding business and clears the way back for his return to the top elite of the sport of bodybuilding.

"Big and Loving It" is completely different than everything else before it. No other bodybuilding production can compare. Never before has a documentary from the professional sport of bodybuilding captured such contrasts between “drama” and “comedy” - high-quality information and the most absurd jokes all at the same time.

With a production time of over three years, the documentary captures the most intimate portrait ever of a professional athlete, which must be seen to appreciate the scope of the project. The DVD contains more than 200 minutes of material, which shows the main film in three different versions: “Normal version” (the version favored by production) “Rühl special version” (completely uncensored) and the “extended training version”.

An Eibon Films Production; Running time: Approximately 200 minutes; Format: DVD-Video, NTSC, All Regions; Release date: TBA.

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Retail Price: $39.95
Our Price: $34.95

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