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Joanna Thomas - The Video (DVD)

Joanna Thomas - The Video (DVD)

Joanna Thomas (bodybuilder)

Shot on location in Las Vegas immediately following the 2001 Ms Olympia (in which Joanna competed in), this 24 year old sensation will amaze you with her incredible combination of muscle symmetry and beauty! The video also features guest appearence by 2000 Ms. Olympia, ANDRULLA BLANCHETTE! It's a double feature of two of England's feistiest women! This 90 minute video includes:

  • Work out (with ANDRULLA BLANCHETTE),
  • Posing in mini-skirt, bikini and other outfits,
  • Interview,
  • Contest footage.

Great lighting, production values and SUPERB CLOSE-UPS!

-DVD will play in ALL REGIONS
-A Fast Twitching Video production. 90 minutes

Retail Price: $39.95
Our Price: $39.95

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