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Dave Palumbo - Reconstruction of a Bodybuilder (DVD)


Dave Palumbo's debut as a video producer, titled Reconstruction of a Bodybuilder is now available. It will change the concept of training films forever.

Reconstruction of a Bodybuilder
Reviewed by Gerry Triano

A clever premise, involving Dave and his training partner Mat Duvall as volunteers in an experiment to create superhuman cyborgs, who have to protect a future legislator from an anti-bodybuilding faction. As a legislator, this guy is destined to preserve the future of bodybuilding in the next century.

Interwoven in the plot is serious hardcore instruction. At Bev Francis' gym in Syosset, Dave and Mat show the basic exercises for working pecs, delts (with Dave's beautiful fiancé Barbara Moran providing inspiration), arms and legs. They are joined by Jim "Iron Bull" Pellechia for a super back workout. Greg Kovacs appears at the end. There are also segments on diet and nutrition as well as the benefits of chiropractic treatment. No one is more knowledgeable than Dave is when it comes to serious training and dieting. There is even a visit to the Seaford Palace, one of the best Long Island eateries. But Dave proves that it takes more than cheeseburgers to become a 300-pound hardcore bodybuilder!

Dave does not forget the importance of posing. A terrific segment features posing expert John Maglio who puts Dave through the symmetry round, compulsory poses and 60-second routine. To be a successful competitor, this is an essential part of the equation.

Dave oversaw much of the production as executive producer, director (with Mat), and writer among other functions. If you're looking for a solid workout tape with expert instruction presented in an entertaining and humorous fashion, look no further. This is the video you've been wanting!

Studio: Teacup Productions; Running time: 70 minutes; Format: DVD-Video, NTSC, All Regions; Aspect Ratio: 4:3; Original Release date: 1998.

Retail Price: $39.95
Our Price: $39.95

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