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Close Encounters of the 4th Kind (DVD)


Close Encounters of the 4th Kind - Infestation from Mars - Featuring Bodybuilders Bob Chichirello, Brenda Kelly and Lauren Powers.

This brand new style of movie perfectly caters to the sci-fi and horror fans of “The Blob”, “The Thing”, “War Of The Worlds”, and “The Andromeda Strain”, while combined with the realism of a news storyline in the style of Orson Welles’ production of “The War Of The Worlds”.

This movie begins in a true-life documentary style, with an introduction by the noted sci-fi actor, Col. Jim Hunt, who starred in one of the greatest “Martian Monster” sci-fi cult classics in film history over 50 years ago, entitled “Invaders From Mars”.

Since that time, he had become fascinated by the search for life on Mars to the point of near fanaticism. He devoted his life, including his entire military career, to the search for life on Mars where he ultimately became the head of the extra-terrestrial biological weapons research division at the Pentagon.

As the movie progresses, Col. Hunt confesses to his involvement of the government’s highly covert attempt to bring samples of germ-filled Martian soil back to the Earth with the intention of developing them as the ultimate biological weapon of mass destruction.

During the highly successful and highly publicized landing of NASA’s two rover probes on the Martian surface in early 2004, the probes found definite sites where water was once abundant and enhanced the likelihood of there being life on Mars. Col. Hunt also confessed that his research division at the Pentagon forced NASA to include another highly secretive military aspect to this unmanned Martian mission. This was clearly a covert attempt to bring back a sample of the germ-filled Martian soil to the Earth, in order for military scientists and researchers to begin the development of the Martian life-forms for biological warfare purposes.

Armed with a sample return rocket that no one outside the military knew about, the rover probe successfully collected a portion of the Martian soil to be shipped to the Earth for analysis. Using its collection arm, the probe broke through the ground surface to the moisture underneath where a form of life had survived. The living sample was loaded and launched into space. However, a solar flare sent the probe off course to crash-land on an old farm near the small town of Sandusky, Ohio.

Eve, the wife of the farmer, goes out to explore what she thought was a falling star and discovers the still glowing probe. When she opens it, the contents explode in her face, infecting her with an alien virus. Her husband, Leroy, finding her trembling form, brings her inside. He is helpless as his wife appears to slowly, painfully waste away, covered in an ever growing, oozing slime. Calling on the phone desperately for help, the husband panics as his wife finally disappears under a slimy cocoon.

The green slimy covering soon evaporates and the wife comes back to life in another form, morphing into a blend of human and extraterrestrial alien with a need to reproduce. Her husband is terrified as she is no longer recognizable as Eve. Convincing him forcefully that she is the same person, she violently attacks him. The creature infects and violates the husband with a huge tentacle that sprouts from an opening in her face. After it attaches to the top of her victim’s head, the husband’s brain is liquefied and absorbed into her changed form.

In Washington D.C., a pair of scientists responsible for making sense of the confusion at the Pentagon on finding the lost probe, must also contain the probe’s potential threat. Without the knowledge of Col. Hunt, Dr. Charles Washington, the trajectory expert member of the team, decides to go to Ohio to head the investigation with his partner, Dr. August Benning, an astro-biologist and specialist in extra-terrestrial life forms. Col. Hunt’s government liaisons resembling covert “Men in Black” types headed by a “Special Agent” Alex West, act as go-betweens to expedite matters and to keep the mission a covert operation at any cost, using search teams to locate the probe before the military is ordered in to perform their own sterilization.

Meanwhile, the former wife acts as host for the deadly unknown hybrid life form. All who come into contact with her are degenerated into a horrible putrescence which itself is virulent by contact.

At the scene in Sandusky, Ohio, August and Charles discover the nature of the alien. It has integrated with the female to become an indestructible hybrid. Due to a terrifying accident where he is infected with a flesh-eating byproduct of the alien’s, August proves that nano-robotic technology is the only way guaranteed to destroy the alien infestation at the microscopic level. All that is needed is for a means to inject the tiny robots into her system.

As events unfold, it is later discovered that Eve’s older sister is the head homicide detective of the Sandusky Police Department. Detective Samantha Robinson begins investigating the occurrence of several unusually savage and gruesome murders where a huge blond-haired Amazon woman was seen at the crime scenes, when she joins up with August and Charles.

Samantha comes to realize that it was her sister infected by the Martian germs and that the hybrid alien is, in part, her sister. During the investigation with August, they confront the Martian monster in an abandoned Haunted House and discover a site where she has killed and piled up dozens of people and laid her eggs. Samantha and August ultimately destroy the nest of eggs, kindling the alien’s rage. The dangerous creature is now forced to begin her hunt for new victims.

The authorities are mobilized to track down the threat as the military threatens to sterilize the entire area. After terrorizing thousands of people throughout Sandusky, the Martian monster is confronted again by Samantha, who finds out that the alien is headed for the shoreline at Lake Erie near the famous Breakers Hotel in the Cedar Point amusement park, in order to reproduce by the millions.

As the alien is pursued through the park, she is confronted on numerous occasions by police and SWAT teams, but she survives all attempts to kill her or thwart her goal of reaching the shoreline. Charles is killed attempting to secure the alien and complete Col. Hunt’s original mission of acquiring the sample of Martian life form. Armed with an injector filled with nano-robots that could ultimately destroy the Martian germs, August goes one-on-one with the dangerous creature and is badly wounded. It is up to Dr. Kylie Banks, an associate NASA scientist arriving with the SWAT team, finally able to slide the needle down the alien’s throat and release the tiny robots. The anti-body weapon destroys the alien, dissolving it to a putrescence blob that congeals onto the beach. The military is abated and sterilization teams sweep up the mess, and the politicians proclaim a cover-up story to protect the truth from the general public. But is it truly over?

Also starring with Col. Jim Hunt in this movie are a variety of both noted Hollywood veteran actors such as Barbara Sharp, Bob Cicherillo, and Kerstin Khalfani, as well as newcomers from Sandusky, such as LaDale Harper, Chad Kresser, Tacie Willis, Jeff Wolff, Tom Waters, and introducing Stacy Boals.

In addition, for the VERY FIRST TIME in its 134-year history, the famed amusement park, Cedar Point, had allowed a film to be produced on its grounds. The movie’s entire climax was shot throughout Cedar Point and its Breakers Hotel.


Kerstin Khalfani

Brenda Kelly

Bob Cicherello

Ki Kroll

Stacy Boals

Tom Waters

Lauren Powers

Doug Brown

Jimmy Hunt

La Dale Harper

Randy Hugg

Rick Benedetto

Tacey Willis

Catarina Dziedzig

Barbara Sharp

Jeff Wolf

Retail Price: $24.95
Our Price: $19.95

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