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Battle for the Olympia 2005 X (DVD)

2005 The Battle for the Olympia (DVD)

The Battle for the OLYMPIA X / 2005

3 Disc Set -- Features 19 Olympians in THREE DISCS.Includes world exclusive 2005 Mr. Olympia prejudging in action.

Featured athletes include the following professional bodybuilders: Lee Priest : Legs (Before he changed his mind about competing in the Olympia.); Gustavo Badell : Biceps; Darrem Charles : Chest; Victor Martinez : Chest; Craig Richardson : Legs; Johnnie Jackson : Chest; Branch Warren : Chest (Branch & Johnnie train together); Ronnie Coleman : Legs; Quincy Taylor : Back + Chest; Jay Cutler : Arms; Gunter Schlierkamp : Chest; Kris Dim : Back; Melvin Anthony Jr. : Delts; Dennis ”The Menace” James : Back; Alexander Fedorov : Back; Chris Cormier : Arms, Back; Ronny Rockel : Chest, Back; 2005 Mr Olympia Prejudging highlights (Mr Olympia Final NOT Included); George Farah : Arms; David Henry : Chest.

A Mitsuru Okabe Film; Running time: 540 minutes; DVD-Video NTSC; All Regions; DVD Release Date: May 2006.

Retail Price: $39.95
Our Price: $29.95

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