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Anabolics 2007Anabolics 2007 by William Llewellyn (BOOK) - This is not just any steroid book. This is William Llewellyn's ANABOLICS 2007, the most trusted reference guide by the most trusted name in steroid research. The new hardcover encyclopedia-sized 6th edition boasts over 1,000 pages pumped full of vital information including more than 200 drugs profiled and the largest steroid picture library with over 3,000 full-color photographs. ANABOLICS is the #1 selling steroid book worldwide because it is the BIGGEST and the BEST.
America's Nuremberg - Human Experimentation in Anabolic Steroid Research by Michael Scally, M.D.Human Experimentation in Anabolic Steroid Research (eBook) - The difference in the beliefs held by the athletic and the physician/academic communities on anabolic steroids are contradictory and irreconcilable. This is true not only for the association between steroids and muscle but also for the effects of steroid cessation upon muscle. Rather than wait for the medical community to awaken to its shortcomings this book will serve the greater purpose of hastening their attention to the period after anabolic steroid cessation.
Anabolic Therapy in Modern Medicine-tn.jpgAnabolic Therapy in Modern Medicine by William Taylor MD (BOOK) - Anabolic therapies have been found to be useful in the treatment of numerous diseases and conditions, and their medical uses continue to expand. This work is a technical and comprehensive study of anabolic therapy, covering a wide range of diseases and conditions. Beginning with a description of anabolic agents, and their historical medicinal use, the author provides a rationale for the use of anabolics in medicine.
Anabolic Steroids BookAnabolic Steroids - Ultimate Research Guide (BOOK) - This is the most comprehensive research tool in the world for the study of anabolic steroids. All of your questions are answered in this ONE Volume! This book isn’t another dry technical manual that will have you asking more questions than when you first starting reading it. It has been written in a straight forward and conversational style that you will understand. This book speaks to everyone, not just the doctors and scientists.
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spiral-of-denial.jpg Spiral of Denial - Muscle Doping in American Football (BOOK)

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